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wedding photo - Hair and Makeup by Steph

Hair and Makeup by Steph

I had a dream last night that as I was finishing a wedding, when I went to ring them up, the mom started complaining to me about how expensive the total came to. In my dream I was prepared with this bomb.com response that I still remember. I said “

wedding photo - White Pearl Florettes - Set of 6 Bobby Pins

White Pearl Florettes - Set of 6 Bobby Pins

This set includes 6 elegant florettes made from 4mm white glass pearl beads attached to bobby pins. You can wear the pins in your updo or in your lovely cascading trusses. A unique feature of my design is the flexibility of the florettes. Because t

wedding photo - Christina - Hair Romance

Christina - Hair Romance

I think I wore this same braid 3 times this week (which is rare for me!). It's an absolute winner in the humidity. I've been styling my hair wet and letting it dry in waves. Would you like tosses tutorial in wet or dry hair for this look? Xx