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wedding photo - Give Your Pups Some Lovin’ With These Tasty Homemade Pupcakes!

Give Your Pups Some Lovin’ With These Tasty Homemade Pupcakes!

We love our furry family members so much, we can’t help but spoil them with fresh and healthy treats that they devour in seconds…plus, we simply can’t get enough of those little paw prints! Our dogs love this recipe (and we love it for it’s fresh sim

wedding photo - CHELSEY BRETT


The bride with her horse! I LOVE this! #country #wedding #photography

wedding photo - Incorporating Your Pets Into Your Wedding

Incorporating Your Pets Into Your Wedding

As a life-long dog lover, I need not tell you that I am assertedly pro-pets-at-weddings. Furry friends are a part of the family! They've been there for so many milestones in your relationship, so why shouldn't they be part of the big day, too?

wedding photo - Cute Wreath for Dog

Cute Wreath for Dog

Weddbook ♥ Wedding dog wearing a pretty floral wreath look cute. This rounded handmade wreath is decorated with flowers and leaves. Make your dog feel special by such cute rings. Your pet will look gorgeous and so adorable #pet #dog #wreath

wedding photo - Adorable Flower Crown For Dog

Adorable Flower Crown For Dog

Weddbook ♥ Make your pet special on your wedding day by this hand-crafted flower crown. You can dress your dog with this amazing white flower crown. You will be surprised to see your pet dressed with this beautiful crown. #dogcrown #flower #pet

wedding photo - Dog Lovers For Hire

Dog Lovers For Hire

Save $20 off dog sitting at Rover.com with the code: Groovy20. The code works with any Rover sitter in any location. (First time Rover customers only.) - Golden Retriever Flower Girl

wedding photo - Dogs In Weddings

Dogs In Weddings

You're the perfect gift I ever had #puppy #dog http://www.petrashop.com/

wedding photo - Black Outfit For Pet

Black Outfit For Pet

Weddbook ♥ Black satin formal vest & matching bowtie for the ring bearer. This will look classy and representing a gentle look for the dog. You will love to make your pet look fabulous on your wedding day. This black formal look cute on ring bearer #

wedding photo - Living-preppy


laureninlilly: High school mascot golden pup corona on a boat = wait I love this photo

wedding photo - Pets


Puppy love. Time to get out for Weekly Walks! #twobostons #2BostonsPinToWin

wedding photo - Minimal-o


Puppy Love :: The most funny cutest :: Free your Wild :: See more adorable Puppies Dogs @untamedorganica ::

wedding photo - Dog Quote Inspiration

Dog Quote Inspiration

It is amazing how much love and laughter dogs can bring into our lives. #doglove #mansbestfriend