Düğün Makyaj #2

wedding photo - Sparkling Cut Crease

Sparkling Cut Crease

Weddbook ♥ Here is a simple cut crease look for you. If you haven't tried this growing trend before, this can be your first impression. This is one of the easiest styles of the cut crease and it is totally suitable to wear during a nightout. #eyes, #

wedding photo - Black Holographic Nails

Black Holographic Nails

Weddbook ♥ This nail art is completely for the lazy girls out there. It takes no effort, time and its very practical. Al you do is put on double coat of any black nail polish and put one coat of holographic polish. #ails, #nailart, #naildesign, #blac

wedding photo - Burgundy Nails

Burgundy Nails

Weddbook ♥ Here is a gorgeous look for winter. The nail art is a plain burgundy that is showered with gold glitter on the base. This nail art is suitable for everywhere and completely easy to do. #nails, #nailart, #naildesign, #burgundy, #gold, #gli

wedding photo - Matte Cut Crease

Matte Cut Crease

Weddbook ♥ This is a matte cut crease look that combines colors beautifully. The look is done using eye pencil on the crease and eyeshadow on the lid. This way the sharp line on the crease is emphasized more easily. #eyes, #makeup, #eyeshadow, #makeu

wedding photo - Turquoise Nails

Turquoise Nails

Weddbook ♥ These turquoise nails give the major mermaid vibes. The nail art is actually very simple but it looks very attractive. All you have to do is paint the nails white, turquoise and glittery turquoise to obtain this summer nail look. #nails, #

wedding photo - Sparkly Smokey Cut Crease

Sparkly Smokey Cut Crease

Weddbook ♥ This eye makeup combines the smokey eye and cut crease trends. The cut crease in visible on the inner part of the lid while the outer part is blended out to obtain the smokey look. The lid has a sparkly shade on while the crease has a matt

wedding photo - Mustache Nail Art

Mustache Nail Art

Weddbook ♥ This nail art is based on the idea of drawing mustaches on nails. Each nail has a different mustache shape on it. The base color of the design is chosen as gray and the mustaches are drawn matte black. #nails, #nailart, #naildesign, #must

wedding photo - Line Nail Art

Line Nail Art

Weddbook ♥ These kinds of nail designs which leave space between polished parts of the nails are called negative space. This negative space nail art is done very simply using the black color. The spaces are obtained by using tape. #nails, #nailart, #

wedding photo - Geometric Nail Art

Geometric Nail Art

Weddbook ♥ This nail art uses geometric patterns to make the look like it's made from pixels. The look is based on the pixel arcade games that give out a vintage vibe. The design has become very popular in the past year. #nails, #nailart, #geomertri

wedding photo - Purple Smokey Eye

Purple Smokey Eye

Weddbook ♥ This is a gorgous eye look that is inspired by the sunset. Sunset look have become very trendy for the last year. Here is another one that mainly uses the purple color. #eyes, #makeup, #eyeshadow, #purple, #smokey, #sunset

wedding photo - Sparkly Stripes

Sparkly Stripes

Weddbook ♥ Here is an unusual nail art. Stripes are the main pattern used on this nailart. On the sparkly base, navy stripes are drawn. #nails, #nailart, #naildesign, #stripes, #sparkly, #navy

wedding photo - Gradient Manicure

Gradient Manicure

Weddbook ♥ This manicure is called the gradient manicure because it refracts light. The manicure is based on ombre colors. The manicur has many different styles. #nails, #manicure, #gradientmanicure, #naildesign, #ombre

wedding photo - Floral Nail Art

Floral Nail Art

Weddbook ♥ This nail art is so cute and colorful. It resembles the spring and summer days with the flowers and the colors. The only decor of the nails are small flowers that will make your nails look like a beautiful garden. #nails, #nailart, #nailde

wedding photo - Black And White Patterns

Black And White Patterns

Weddbook ♥ This nail art is created by drawing black pattens on white nail polish. After the white coat dries out, you can start to draw the patterns. Using a thin wand for the patterns is highly recommended. #nails, #nailart, #naildesign, #black, #w

wedding photo - Bone Nail Art

Bone Nail Art

Weddbook ♥ If you are a fan of dogs, here is a cute nail idea that reminds of dogs. This nail art includes illustrations of bones. The nails that doesn't have the patterns are painted black. #nails, #nailart, #naildesign, #bone

wedding photo - Turquoise Eyes

Turquoise Eyes

Weddbook ♥ This is actually a quite vintage trend in makeup. The trend is drawing the inner part of the under eyelid with colorful eye pencil. This trend looks better on bigger eyes and any eye color. #makeup, #eyes, #turquoise, #undereye, #vintage

wedding photo - Highllight


Weddbook ♥ This makeup look is the origin of the phrase highlight on point. The eyelid, cheekbones and the brow bone are all highlighted so professionally. It is the right amount of highlight and it is blended all so well. #eyes, #cheekbone, #contour

wedding photo - Nude With Jewels

Nude With Jewels

Weddbook ♥ This nail art has decorations only on one nail. The other nails are painted a nude shade. The one nail that is decorated has jewels on it, mostly pearls are used. #nails, #nailart, #naildesign, #jewel, #nailjewel, #pearl

wedding photo - Shimmery Eye Makeup

Shimmery Eye Makeup

Weddbook ♥ This is a cut crease look for the ones who adore highlight. The eye is highlighted on the lid, brow bone and the lid. The look is based on pink shades and the lid has a shimmery shade while the crease is matte. #eyes, #makeup, #cutcrease,

wedding photo - Colorful Nail Art

Colorful Nail Art

Weddbook ♥ This nail art is both easy and consumes no time. The good part about this is you can do all the nails all at once. The trick is to put one drop of each color on the nails and press on them with a plane that wont stick to it so the colors a

wedding photo - Winter Nails

Winter Nails

Weddbook ♥ This is a lowkey nail art for winter. The nails are painted a navy shade. There is a snowflake decor and one of the nails are painted a sparkly polish. #nails, #nailart, #snow, #snowflake, #winter, #manicure, #navy

wedding photo - Gold Eyeshadow Tutorial

Gold Eyeshadow Tutorial

Weddbook ♥ This is a striking three step eyeshadow tutorial. The gold color on the eyelid draws attention very quickly. With these three easy steps, you can obtain this colorful eye makeup. #eyes, #makeup, #tutorial, #eyeshadow #gold, #pallete

wedding photo - Red And Gold Nails

Red And Gold Nails

Weddbook ♥ Here is a fancy and easy nail design for Christmas. This nail art takes two steps. Paint the nails two coats of red and put the glitter on the base of the nails before the polish dries. #nails, #nailart, #naildesign, #red, #gold, #glitter,

wedding photo - Halloween Nails

Halloween Nails

Weddbook ♥ Here are various nail art ideas for Halloween. There are choices for all kinds if difficulty levels. One of the nail looks doesn't even have polish on. #nails, #halloween, #nailart, #naildesign

wedding photo - Green Smokey Eye

Green Smokey Eye

Weddbook ♥ This is a beautiful green smokey look. This look is great for a party because it's shimmery and colorful. It is also a great look that allows you to include color in your makeup routine. #eyes, #green, #makeup, #eyeshadow, #smokey, #shimme

wedding photo - Black Tiger Stripes

Black Tiger Stripes

Weddbook ♥ Here is a nail art that you can do using only one shade of nail polish. After applying the black shade apply a clear coat. Then use a matifying top coat and shape the stripes with it. #nails, #nailart, #naildesgin, #tiger, #stripes, #blac

wedding photo - Snowflake Nails

Snowflake Nails

Weddbook ♥ This nail art has a blue ombre base color. The decorations on it are snowflake patterns in white. You can say this is the ultimate winter nail art. #nails, #nailart, #naildesign, #snow, #winter, #snowflake, #blue, #ombre

wedding photo - Mustache Nails

Mustache Nails

Weddbook ♥ This is a cute and simple nail art that you can use anywhere. Draw mustaches just on the base of the tips of your nails. Then go over with a clear top coat for extra shine. #nails, #nailart, #naildesign, #mustache, #manicure

wedding photo - Reverse French Nails

Reverse French Nails

Weddbook ♥ French makeup is reintroduced with this nail art. The nails are painted a matte navy shade. And there are metallic gold bands sticked on the base of the nails. #nails, #nailart, #naildesign, #reversed, #french, #manicure, #matte, #navy

wedding photo - Eyelashes


Weddbook ♥ This look is all bout opening the eyes more. This is done by two easy steps. First white eye pencil is used on the inner part of the lash line and then false lashes and lots of mascara is used. #makeup, #eyes, #mascara

wedding photo - Nebula Nail Art

Nebula Nail Art

Weddbook ♥ Here are two different examples of nebula nail art. The one on the top has spiral galaxies drawn on them too. The others are just illustrations of the magical space dust. #nails, #nailart, #naildesign, #nebula, #space, #galaxy

wedding photo - Cut Crease Tutorial

Cut Crease Tutorial

Weddbook ♥ Here is a beautiful cut crease tutorial for you. This tutorial is great if you want to do a cut crease and never done one before. The tutorial also shows which shades are used. #tutorial, #makeup, #eyes, #eyeshadow, #cutcrease

wedding photo - Nude Ombre Nails

Nude Ombre Nails

Weddbook ♥ This is the kind of ombre that you aren't used to seeing. This ombre is more like a rainbow of nude colors. Each different shade are polished on different nails to create the look. #nails, #nailart, #naildesign, #ombre, #nude

wedding photo - Glitter Showers

Glitter Showers

Weddbook ♥ This nude nails are so much more than just being nude. One of the nails are painted with gold glittery polish. And one of the nails have an ombre look of glitter on it that it looks like the glitter has been showered on it. #nails, #nailar

wedding photo - Bloody Nails

Bloody Nails

Weddbook ♥ This nail art is easy as it's creative. The nails are painted with a light shimmery color. Then two different shades of polish is pured down from the tips. #nails, #nailart, #naildesign, #bloody, #halloween

wedding photo - Sparkle and Shine Combo

Sparkle and Shine Combo

Weddbook ♥ This nail art combines the sparkly nail polish with the shiny nail polish. The duo is present on the nails almost equally. This kind of nail art is both easy and doesn't take too much time. #nails, #nailart, #naildesign, #shiny, #sparkly

wedding photo - Tribal Nail Art

Tribal Nail Art

Weddbook ♥ This nail art has simple tirbal patterns on it. The base color is a mint green and clear. The tribal patterns may be done by hand or tape. #nails, #nailart, #naildesign, #manicure, #patter, #tribal

wedding photo - Green Undereyes

Green Undereyes

Weddbook ♥ This look has brown tones on the eyelids while an emerald on the under eyelid. The eyeshadow is slightly smokey on the upper eyelids. This can be a nice look to try on your next nightout. #eyes, #makeup, #green, #smokey, #nightout

wedding photo - Shimmery Cut Crease

Shimmery Cut Crease

Weddbook ♥ This is a great makeup look for parties and going out. The tutorial can be followed for this attractive look. The eyeshadow will make your eyes contoured and smokey while the look is still a cut crease. #eyes, #eyeshadow, #cutcrease, #smok

wedding photo - Colorful Pastel Nails

Colorful Pastel Nails

Weddbook ♥ This nail art has such a simple design. The nails are all polished in a different matte pastel color. On the yellow nail, the words "I love you" are printed. #nails, #nailart, #naildesign, #iloveyou, #colorful, #pastel, #matte