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wedding photo - Торты


25 сказочных тортов, которые не стал бы есть даже самый отъявленный сладкоежка

wedding photo - Cakes & Toppers

Cakes & Toppers


wedding photo - Starry Night Cake

Starry Night Cake

Weddbook ♥ This cake has a navy exterior that has different tones on different areas. The pearl looking beads are dense on the higher tiers and more spread in the others. It gives you the feeling of a clear summer night sky. #navy, #cake, #weddingcak

wedding photo - Cake Crazy

Cake Crazy

Extraordinary Custom Wedding Cakes by Marina Sousa

wedding photo - Tracy James

Tracy James

My sister wanted to make a wedding cake for her friends Shaye & Louise who got married in Cyprus a few weeks back but having a party to celebrate in the UK. I gave her a hand with it, mainly providing the sugar flowers and sharp edges

wedding photo - Sugarplum Cake Shop

Sugarplum Cake Shop

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wedding photo - Cake With Pink Flowers

Cake With Pink Flowers

Weddbook ♥ This cake is giving the feels of summer and happiness. The flowers on top of the first tier and the patterns on it are completing each other beautifully. The pink color of the flowers are the main reason for the happy vibe of the cake. #ca

wedding photo - Pastel Wedding Cake

Pastel Wedding Cake

Weddbook ♥ This wedding cake ha two colors on the exterior, pastel pink and off white. The decorations are different on each tier. The designers of the cake have sticked with traditional decorations so if you want traditional, here is a very beautifu

wedding photo - Gigantic Wedding Cake

Gigantic Wedding Cake

Weddbook ♥ This cake is one of the biggest wedding cakes ever made. It is also as detailed as it's big. Its built like a big palace decorated with flowers on the gardens on the terraces and the side of the windows. #wedding, #weddingcake, #huge, #flo

wedding photo - Off White Floral Cake

Off White Floral Cake

Weddbook ♥ This cake is a classical beauty. It has an off white color and the exterior is plain. The decorations are flowers on the tiers and lace straps around the floors of the tiers. #floral, #cake, #lace, #offwhite

wedding photo - Sugarplum Cake Shop

Sugarplum Cake Shop

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wedding photo - Cakes


Designer birthday cake by Lulu Goh

wedding photo - Amy Rose Trout

Amy Rose Trout

Pumpkin cake +Macs + sparkle + gold = Birthday surprise! @lv_pace

wedding photo - Tracy James

Tracy James

For Kayleigh & Rob tying the knot today ! Congratulations to a lovely couple x #weddingcake #westmidlandscakes #westmidlandswedding #blushcake #sparkleweddingcake

wedding photo - Tortas


Runde Hochzeitstorte mit Spitze

wedding photo - Pastels For Weddings

Pastels For Weddings

Weddbook ♥ Soft colors are the most often chosen for weddings. This cake is surrounded with pastel pink flowers and one tier is also that color. The other color used is gold which appears in one other tier and on the leaves of the flowers. #pastel, #

wedding photo - Gold Cake

Gold Cake

Weddbook ♥ You don't have to expect too much when you hear that there is going to be a gold cake at the wedding. A matte gold cake like this can look very subtle and elegant at the same time. This could be your dream golden wedding cake. #golden, #we

wedding photo - Satin and Sequin

Satin and Sequin

Weddbook ♥ Here is a wedding cake that is quite big and fancy. Gold sequins are accents are all over the decorations which don't look "too much" at all. The flowers add a freshness to the modern gold accents used of the satin exterior. #cake, #weddin

wedding photo - Sugarplum Cake Shop

Sugarplum Cake Shop

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wedding photo - Burgundy And White Cake

Burgundy And White Cake

Weddbook ♥ This cake speaks the language of fall. The color are perfectly arrange to give the warm feeling of autumn. The exterior has leaf like cream pieces and leaves for decoration. #leaves, #autumn, #cake, #burgundy, #white, #weddingcake

wedding photo - Sugarplum Cake Shop

Sugarplum Cake Shop

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